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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots txt Generator Tool

You may have heard that the Google Robots.TXT file extension is used to indicate some special keywords or phrases when you search on Google. If you are new to SEO, it is very important to know how this robots txt generator works. It was first introduced in 1994 and was developed to help Google determine the relevancy of various web pages. The Google robots were then able to read the text which had been entered into a web form. When the robot returned results based on these keywords, it would mark the web page as "related" or "related to" the keywords entered.

This robots. txt generator tool is using to generate robots.txt file instantly for any website’s searching engines crawler indexing website according to robots.txt. Just flowing the guideline of the tool website and generate your website robots. Txt file easily.

How Does Google Robots. TXT Generator File Extension Works?

robots txt generator

This robots txt file generator was designed so that search engines could index web pages regardless of their relevance with any given keywords. However, the Google robots were not able to read the text which had been submitted using alternative methods. For example, if a user typed in "dogs" into a Google form, the robot would return results using the word dogs, not the specified keyword dogs.

Therefore, the owners of websites using this best robots txt generator needed to get the phrase "related to" the keyword, so that the robots would be able to index these websites. There are different extensions for every keyword and when an administrator wants the keywords returned, they need to update the robots' configuration settings.

Some people believe that the Google Robots TXT file extension was introduced in order to benefit internet users, since there was no longer a need to worry about the relevancy of keywords in search engine results. They say that by using this feature, internet searchers are not penalized for unrelated keywords. However, the implementation of this feature has indeed made the work a bit easier for webmasters. Previously, the Google spiders could not distinguish between different versions of the same document. Therefore, even if the same document was uploaded using different keywords, the results would still list the version that was uploaded earlier.

Why Google Search Engine Follow the Robots TXT  Generator Tool File Extension for Crawler

With the latest release of Robots TXT  generator the relevancy requirements for keyword phrases has been substantially reduced. Now, the robots can be programmed to search only for variations of the keyword, even though the same document is being uploaded. In addition, some additional features have also been added to the Google SEO Optimization Tool.

For example, the robots now allow the crawlers to check whether the keyword phrases used in the document to satisfy the text-to-speech requirements of the Googlebot. In the past, the Google spiders were unable to distinguish between different word combinations. The result was that the same document was listed more than once when used in different ways. This caused the search engines to reject the pages. However, with the latest release of Google Robots, all the robots are able to distinguish between keyword phrases and misspelled words.

Benefits of Using Free Robot TXT File Generator Extension

One of the best benefits is you have not to pay for using this free robot txt file generator. Another One is the Google crawler encountered was the volume of misspelled words and combinations of letters and numbers. Thus, the free robot txt file generator extension had to be altered to minimize the volume of such errors. Fortunately, the change was made in all the Google Robots and it can now distinguish between misspelled words and real words. As a result, misspelled keyword phrases will be given lower priority by the Google engine. Moreover, it also has the capacity to detect word combinations, which are not usually found in the written language.

The Google robots also make use of the new feature of searching only new versions. This is beneficial for websites whose keyword phrases are continuously repeated. On some occasions, if a website is updated, its search engine positioning may get affected. Moreover, the SEOsTools can also be modified so as to provide better ranking results for sites that have recently been introduced. The update technique ensures that fresh content is provided to the index page, so as to ensure faster indexing of the pages.

At the End

As Google updates its search algorithm, the older keyword strategies no longer work. The new addresses the issue by providing improved solutions for websites that have been using outdated strategies. Moreover, the new feature of the robots txt generator enables the crawlers to detect whether the website contains new or old keyword phrases. This makes sure that they search on pages that contain new keywords, thereby improving the visibility of the websites in search engines. To sum up, the changes in Google algorithms introduced by Google make it easier for online users to recognize websites that have used SEO optimization correctly.