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C Class IP Checker Tool

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About C Class IP Checker Tool

If you and your neighbor have the same IP in the C block, you do not have anything suspicious going on. To ensure that your IP is different from your neighbor's, enter the domain URL into the C class IP checker Box inside and click on the "Submit" button.

What Is The Class C IP Address Checker?

Well, when you buy hosting for your website from a hosting service provider. The hosting provider assigns a dynamic IP address for your domain hosted. This is the called class C IP address that points to your website by the hosting service provider. This class c IP address checker helps you to show what is your c class IP address present.

It's one kind of unique internet protocol address (IP) very well-known as an IP address. It has every internet user and it looks like C Class IP address is one kind of the same look as 104.21.2, but it's assigned for an individual domain. Free C Class IP Checker is a very essential tool for everyone who wants to check domain class C IP. Using this class C IP address checker you can determine class c IP address range and such as how many domains or websites are hosted on this class c IP. 
This is the best, secure and reliable bulk c class IP checker tool. Where you can easily find out that single or multiple websites are hosted on the same C IP range. With the help, You can also check out your class c IP blocks and duplicated IP addresses as well. If you got various cross-linked websites; the recommendation is that host all the websites with different C IP address range.

Types Of Class C IP Address

The internet assigns an IP address to every device that connects and communicates with other devices. The Internet is a distributed network, and as a result, each node on it is assigned a unique address.

Usually, this address is referred to as ‘IP address or ‘IP.’ IP addresses are 32-bit binary addresses consisting of two sub-addresses naming the network and the host of the network. For instance, is a valid IP address. IP addresses basically consist of a series of four numbers that range from 0 to 255 separated by an in decimal form (.).

Class C IP Addresses Are Classified Into Five Types:

Class A: Only seven bits are left for the network portion of the address after the first bit is set to 0. Class A addresses fall between and They have a max number of 128.

Class B: The address is always setup as Class B, where the first bit is always set to 1 and the second bit is always set to 0. This means that 16,384 addresses in class B can be assigned. Number ranges from to
Class C: In class C addresses, the first two bits of each address are set to 1, and the third bit is left at zero. That means there are 2,097,152 possible network addresses ranging from to
Class D: All four bits of Class D addresses are set to 1, while the first three bits belong to the multicast address range –, reserved for multicasting groups.
Class E: The Class E addresses have never been used in any standard form and are reserved for experiments and testing.

Why Use Bulk C Class IP Checker Tool By SEOsTools

The C class IP checker tool is one way to avoid this issue since it will let you know what websites share the same IP address as yours.Use this free C Class IP Checker to see if the selected sites are actually hosted on the same C Class IP network. A free C Class IP address monitoring tool will allow you to receive real-time statistics and information about your current host, IP, and Class C IP address. This is a tool very handy when you need information immediately. If you want to check the website's hosted on which IP, and it's class C IP.  Theclass c ip address checker is a great place to check the details of the domain. In this free and bulk c class IP checker, you can check multiple or bulk c class IP addresses at a time.

  • Step #1 Go to the Class C IP Address Checker
  • Step #2 Enter up to 40 Domains (Each Domain must be on a separate line)
  • Step #3 Now Click on the "Submit" button

c class ip checker

Here you will get immediately results in your domain class C IP addresses. It's a free one-click c class IP checker so you will get instant results. If you get any error just refresh and try again that's it and Cheer!

Importance Of C Class IP Addresses

A class C IP address is typically assigned to hosting service providers. Their customers receive unique or dynamic addresses from them. Most of the public sector’s customers are using dynamic IP addresses. These are cheaper than static IP addresses. As an example, you can host more than one site on a single hosting service. Therefore, you don't pay for hosting two domains, you only pay for one. Visitors will still be able to access both of your websites when they wish to do so. This type of dynamic addressing is managed by the website hosting provider’s system.

Search engines can process backlinks to a site much faster due to the fact that the bulk of sites are located at C class IP address, so they can track the quality and status of the link much more quickly. It's a fight between websites that use C Class IP addresses to get a better search engine ranking.

Google and other search engines visit C class IP addresses more often and assess the status of websites, their backlinks, and their status. Search engines viewed backlinks within the same host and having the same IP address once with suspicion, especially those which were spam sites.

A hosting service sometimes assigns the same IP address to two different domains. As a result of this, should you run the cache command to see the cached version of your website, you might be surprised to see an image cached by Google that is not your own.

Most public webserver hosts are given class C IP addresses since these are the ones most commonly used. Some organisations that rank highly on search engines are given IP addresses that belong to this class. Google and other search engines give a higher ranking to sites that belong to this IP class, but the matter is still questionable. SEOs and webmasters assign backlinks to those sites, hoping that the search engines will think these are authoritative and relevant.

Google and the other online search engines have become smarter and now place more value on every backlink individually. Any IP address that isn’t considered natural may be penalized.

Is It Good or Bad To Use The Same C Block?

Your site and neighbor’s sites will not be viewed as suspicious by Google and other search engines as long as one of your neighbors is involved in spurious behavior, such as hosting porn sites.

Google and other search engines would remove your website from their index if your entire neighborhood engages in unsavory activities. Your neighbors and you will be banned from search engines. It's imperative to keep an eye on who shares your IP address by regularly using the seostools.com class C IP checker. There will be new members joining the hosting service and old members leaving.

Google, Bing, Yandex, Apple and other services that interact with your computer and service provider use search engine IP address lookup and check IP address in order to identify the location of your device. However, your IP address might differ as you are using your same email address. For example, if you change your IP address when connecting to public Wi-Fi, your home Wi-Fi will continue to work fine. Your e-mail provider needs to recognize your current IP address in order to contact you.

 In The End

A C Class IP address checker tool will normally just tell you which IP address is being used by whom. They will not show you the IP addresses or the type of connection each person is using. If you have any reason to believe that someone is using another computer on their connection, you can take action to stop them. Many of these IP address checkers also have tools for finding out the sites that are being visited. This can help you to increase the safety of your network.

The best way to avoid the ban of your website for the reason that it shares an IP address with a website with irrelevant content is to have your website hosted in a different class IP range to the one the website is located in. The best bulk C class IP checker for checking Class C IP addresses that can help you avoid being penalized by Google and search engine ranking.

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