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About Web Page Size Checker Tool

A lot of people often ask "how can I check my website's page size?" The short answer is as easy as the question itself, get you among the best free webpage size checkers to check the web page size everywhere. This web page size checker is fast, reliable and extremely convenient.

What is a Page Size Checker?

It is a small piece of coding tool that allows you to measure your website's actual size in different web browsers. There is an option in the page size checker software to load the webpage in a smaller size.

How Does This Webpage Size Calculator Works?

When you visit your website, it will naturally load in smaller size. This way, your computer will take less time to download a website page while your Internet browser shows a faster page loading speed.

Why Use a Page Size Checker Online?

There are many reasons why you should use this free webpage size checker online. Firstly, you have to do regular page updates to your website. You might want to do some upgrades or maintenance to your website from time to time. A web page size checker tool will help you in getting the right file extension for the website URL.

web page size checker

Secondly, some people try to optimize their web pages by optimizing codes and/or HTML tags. If this is done, a lot of extra resources are used up which can result in reducing visitors count. Some of the additional resources used up include memory and CPU cycles. Html tags can be disabled by using a best web page size checker tool. This tool will make sure that all resources are utilized and page loading speed will not be affected.

How Do I Use Web Page Size Checker Tool?

There are several ways in which you can use a free web page size checker tool to check web page size. Firstly, you can open up the page in your favorite search engine and  go to web page size checker and then enter your desire url in box and then click on submit. That's all! There is no rocket science you have to learnt very easy and simple process. No need to download any software to check web page size. Here is step you can follow...

  • Step #1 Go to Web Page Size Checker Tool
  • Step #2 Enter Your Website URL
  • Step #3 Click on the "Submit" button

What If I Need More Information About the Page Sizes?

The free tools usually do not give too much detail and you will have to use other tools to get the detailed information. The page size checker tools available online are all quite powerful and have a detailed report of the page size. Usually, the report includes the total number of kilobytes per page, the total size of the resource (all the downloaded resources as well as the downloaded web page) as well as other useful statistics.

Why is the Page Size So Important for SEO?

The importance of a page size can hardly be overstated when it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Having too small of a page size will mean that the page can take a long time to load and visitors will find it difficult to browse through your site. On the other hand, having too large a page size will also affect the loading speed of your site as well as the ability of visitors to navigate easily.

At the End

If you cannot seem to find a tool that works with your search engine, then you may want to try out a free web page size checker tool. There are some free tools that you can find on the internet; however, if you want to test your page size in a real web browser, then it would be better if you got the best tool by spending some money instead. When you try to check the web source code size using a free page size checker tool, then it is possible that the tool might not return accurate results or that it might just give you an incorrect result. In case that the webpage size calculator gives you an incorrect result or an incorrect page size, then you will just need to get your hands on a web hosting service, which will also be able to provide you with other tools that will help you in your SEO campaigns.

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