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Htaccess Redirect Generator Tool

1. Select redirect type

2. Enter your domain name

Do not include www. Domain name only - e.g.

3. Get your code

4. Copy the code to your .htaccess file

About Htaccess Redirect Generator Tool

It is a must for everyone to know about the advantages of using the HTAccess redirect generator. This is one of the easiest ways to get links that point to any website on the Internet. There are several reasons why one should use this kind of link building tool such as when you want to have better online presence, increase your online marketing campaign and even to improve search engine rankings. The use of HTAccess can be done from any computer.

How Does The htaccess Redirect URL Generator Work?

This is a very easy to use and user friendly htaccess generator. Here is the way how to generate your htaccess file. Just follow the below steps:

  • Step #1. Select redirect type
  • Step #2. Select Redirect from www to non-www or Redirect from non-www to www
  • Step #3. Enter your domain name
  • Step #4. Get your code
  • Step #5 Copy the code to your .htaccess file

htaccess redirect generator

When you visit any website, the web pages usually redirect you to another page, called the home page. The reason behind the change in page where you are redirected is to make sure that you are following a correct path. If you have been viewing a particular website, then the web page may have changed and you will be redirected to a different page. This is where the HTAccess becomes very useful because it will create a link in front of the page you were previously visiting. The HTAccess will automatically put a new domain name in front of your current domain.

Advantage of HtAccess Redirect Generator

One advantage of HTAccess is that it will create automatic redirection redirects. The system will check the sites you are linked with and automatically creates a new one where your old page is redirected to. The HTAccess redirect generator also has a feature called "web beacons". This feature will enable websites to track visitors' behavior and to know which pages they visit the most and these are the ones that will be redirected to your new one.

When you use the htaccess redirect generator, you will see the option to either go to leave the old page. If you are using the software, then you can simply key in the old url and the new url that you want to access. However, if you are using the command line version, then you would type in the old url, followed by the http to get to the new page. This can be followed by a comma, to get to the next level and get the html code needed to actually place the new page in the server.

Features Of HtAccess Redirect Generator Tool

Another great thing about the htaccess redirect generator is that it will check your other servers for any https: URLs that point to the new domain. If there are any, then you should change them before you do anything else. You need to make sure that you know exactly which pages link to which domains. Most redirects do not care about the other URLs, only focusing on the new domain that you want to visit. However, you need to be aware that not all redirects check this condition, so you should make sure you have the right codes for the domain that you want to visit.

The htaccess redirect generator will also check your other links and point them to the new domain or page you want. So if you had a back link to go to the exisite of your blog or the homepage of your site, then this tool will check those and redirect you to it. Furthermore, it will also check other internal pages and subdomains to do the same thing. This means that you can easily change all your links, for example, if you have some texts with some affiliate links on them, then you can use this tool to automatically change these to fit your new domains.

Finally, the htaccess redirects generator will check the old URL and compare it to the new one. If they do match, then you are free to modify whatever you want. However, you will have to notify the website owner that you have modified the old URL and require an explanation why this has happened.

In The End

The htaccess redirect generator is one of the best tools for SEO nowadays, especially for those who have websites that are built using very dynamic contents like video and audio files. When these kinds of files are suddenly changed due to the SEO, it can be hard for the old visitors to find their way back to the main page. They might end up clicking on the next link instead, which can greatly diminish the ranking of your site. You don't need to worry about this though, as you can just tell the website owner that this has been done in error and you will get the redirect you need to put the files back where they belong. So what more could you ask for the htaccess redirect generator?