Online User Search Intent for SEO


Online User Search Intent for SEO

09/04/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

SEO is the only way where you can reach your business to potential customers organically. If you do good SEO for your business; you will get a higher rank on search engines. When you successfully reach your business to more people, you will get more potential customers.

Are you looking for how to dominant on search engines and get number #1 rank? If so, optimized your content with your user search intent. As a marketing specialist, I will say that you should learn search intent related everything before search intent optimization. You’re a beginner or SEO expert, you guys should know how search intent work’s in SEO.

What is Search Intent Meaning

According to the Google dictionary, Search means try to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly. Intent means Intention or purpose. Search intent known as user intent, audience intent, query intent, or visitor intent, etc. is an online user term used to describe online user queries purpose. So search intent meaning is that when a user searching something in online search engines. It is called search engine user intent. In the language of marketers, one user intent means one keyword.

For Example, You're searching by “What is SEO?” that time your mind what is looking?

Just thinking and look at below, I think your mind subconsciously looking at these websites queries.

⇒ How can I learn SEO
⇒ Where can I learn SEO
⇒ SEO tutorial
⇒ How to make money with SEO
⇒ How to get a job after learning SEO, etc.

You just search by one keyword “what is SEO?” but your subconscious mind looking for various related things with this keyword. This is called user search intent.

A keyword is not only a keyword or not a few words. It’s a visitor’s desire, dream or a problem he/she looking to solve.

So we can understand little bit that before optimizing search engines, you must have an idea about what is user search intent in SEO.

user search intent

Types of User Search Intent

A user searches online for different needs such as it may be for information, it may be for buying something, it may be a person, it may be an object, it may be a website, etc. So user search intent types depend on the user's desire. If we categorize these types of search intent, we can divide it into four major types, such as:

  1. Informational User Intent
  2. Commercial User Intent
  3. Navigational User Intent and
  4. Transactional User Intent

Informational User Search Intent

Informational user intent means people looking for information or looking for their question’s answers. This user intent is called one kind of integrative intent. The user searches with informative keywords such as News, Place, Weather, Search with person name, Recipe, etc. This type of user most searches beginning with WH questions like“how to” “Where is” “What is” etc. 

Informational User Search Intent Examples:

  1. Who is Google CEO?
  2. Elon Musk
  3. Cricket score
  4. Undefeated UFC fighters

Commercial User Search Intent

When people want to buy a product but don’t know about the product is good or bad. This time people search online that product exact information. This Commercial user search intent is referring to the intent of people who are looking for purchasing the best product. These types of people’s feelings confuse for making the final decision to buy the product. To take their final decision, these commercial users intent people mostly looking comparison, top listing and product reviews, etc., website.

Commercial User Search Intent Examples:

  1. Best Backpack
  2. Top 10 SERP Tracker
  3. MOZ vs Ahrefs
  4. SEO tools Review

Navigational User Search Intent

Navigational intent users use a particular website more. They know in advance which website to browse.  But they don't remember the URL of the website, so they search directly by the brand name with the intent of the website. They think searching the address bar with a name like this will enable you to browse the website quickly. But it's not true. The website opens quickly, mainly when you write the name of any website directly to the address bar.

Navigational User Search Intent Examples:

  1. Facebook
  2. Google Meet
  3. LinkedIn Signup
  4. SEOs Tools Plagiarism Detector

Transactional User Search Intent

Transactional intent users search for something to buy. This type of visitor search with a strong desire to buy something, they search for the name of the thing they need. They keep looking for where to buy. Where to buy less. Where to buy the product will be better.

Transactional User Search Intent Examples:

  1. S20 price
  2. Buy Graphics Card
  3. Laptop, Flipkart, eBay, etc.
  4. Coupon, Deal, Discount, Cheapest, with product name, etc.

How do I Optimize Content with Online User Search Intent

This is a good and very important question for every marketer. To get a good rank in search engines, you must write user friendly and informative content. And for that, you have to follow the online user search intent and strategically optimize the keywords. After that, to get a good rank in search engines, you need to do on-page SEO such as image, video, H1, H2, H3, etc. Optimization. In addition, your website must be device friendly so that the user can easily access and read with mobile and desktop. With your website's speed will be better. Remember that as long as you follow user-friendly content and SEO optimized content, your content will be ranked No. 1 in Google, Bing, Yandex and other search engines. For this, you must follow an up-to-date SEO strategy.

User Search Intent Tool

A search intent tool is a tool that analyzes the user's intent and tells you all the related intents that the user searches on the search engines. It’s a very important tool for digital marketers or SEO specialists. It is also known to them as keyword research or keyword suggestion tool. This robust SEO tool has been helping marketers very much to understanding the user search intent of the search engines. If you search online, you will find many search intent tools. In online, This type of SEO tools you will get two types free and paid. If you’re not familiar with this user search intent tool, you can use it and Cheer!

In the End

Billions of users search the search engines every day. The search engines have done user queries and try to give the best results for their users. And to understand it, you don't need to know any rocket science. You just read first to last this article, then I think you will be the boss in the user search engine. In this content, I try to explain everything in search intent. Remember, you need to know this user search intent SEO term whether you are a beginner or an expert in digital marketing. If you want to add anything to this article, the comment section is open for you.

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